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Bruce's flagship program with a simple message:

If you allow yourself to have a bad day, you LOSE!

NO BAD DAYS is a philosophy of life! It's a mindset. An Attitude!

In NO BAD DAYS you will learn:

    • The power of the scale 1 to 10!

    • The importance of "face value"!

    • The power of positive behavior patterns!

    • The power of individual attitude in an organization!

    • The power of attitude!

    • The power of your encouragement group!

    • The power of personal development and more!


Do the common thing uncommonly well!

If you want to attract success then you have to be attractive!

NO BAD SERVICE is the short list of things that will change you and your business!

seminars & workshops

Corporate Performance - Sales & Marketing

Personal Development - Motivation - Leadership

These short seminars and workshops are custom tailored for your group:

    • Corporate Meetings

    • Leadership Conferences for Businesses

    • Annual Sales Conferences

    • Teacher In-Service Seminars

    • Back-to-School Workshops

    • Self-Esteem and Confidence Workshops & Rallies for Students