Bruce Hamilton travels throughout the United States spreading his "NO BAD DAYS" and "NO BAD SERVICE" philosophies to thousands of people every year. Using his inspirational, fast-paced, humorous style, his encouraging messages have been motivating individuals and organizations for over 12 years. His inspirational, motivational keynote presentations are in high demand by meeting planners, companies, organizations, associations and conferences seeking to provide audiences with an entertaining, uplifting message of achieving your dreams by having the right attitude.

With experience as a professional speaker, sales trainer, business owner, general manager of a television station, host of an internationally syndicated children's show, husband and father of two, Bruce has a varied background to choose from. Bruce has been awarded the Merit of Achievement for the best use of humor in advertising in the United States and has also shared the stage with some of the greatest speakers in the world, including Brian Tracy, Mamie McCullough, Terry Bradshaw, Donna Tyson, and Charlie Plumb.

Bruce is not just a motivational speaker, he is a MOTIVATED speaker. He is motivated to inspire others to take control of their lives. Bruce keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they laugh and learn the key principles of success, achievement and happiness.